Sterisets® Convective warming system is the newest generation warming system to prevent hypothermia during a pre-operative or surgery stage. 

The Sterisets® convective warming unit is one of the most compact warming units on the market. With its release in 2023, it complies with the latest standards, weighs only 2,3kg and produces maximum noise levels <55dBa.

Additionally to the warming unit are the Sterisets® convective warming blankets. These disposable blankets can be used in combination with the Sterisets® convective warming unit, as well as with most other common brands, due to its universal velcro connection. 

The Sterisets® Convective warming blankets are available in a range of 9 different blankets, and standard contain:

  • Color coded labelling
  • Low linting 
  • soft touch PP finishing
  • Latex free

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